Welcome on my (personal) astronomical website !





I present here informations, resources and results on different astronomical topics I am working on. 

With changing priority I am studying basic physical properties of Solar System objects (mainly Centaurs and TNOs, but also main belt asteroids) with methods like stellar occultations and photometry (rotational light curves), but also their dynamics. 

My observational topics cover astrometry and photometry of CeTNOs, asteroids and comets, as well as the observation of occultations by asteroids, planets and their moons.

Software development including web services is another main topic of my work.

I am working at the Instituto de Astrofí­sica de Andalucí­a (IAA-CSIC), Granada, Spain.

Clear skies !

Mike Kretlow

Comet C/2020F3 (NEOWISE)