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2003-01-17 / TYC 0835-01394-1 / (140) Siwa

#OBSObserverOccMeth.Instr.CC TSRCUT1UT2UT3UT4UT2EUT3EDur.Chrd
1 show Rui Goncalves O- CCD M254 PT
2 show W. Thuillot et al O- VID M1200 FR 00:00:00 00:19:00
UT1/UT4: Begin/End of observation | UT2/UT3: Begin/End of occultation | Dur: Reported duration in seconds | Chrd: Corresponding chord length in km | More

2 observations found in db: euraster

No prediction found in the db, thus only the observer sites will be shown on the map.

Map with groundtrack and observer stations

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