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Becoming an Expert OccultWatcher User – Part 2

JOA 2018, Vol. 8, No. 3, Page 8

Author(s): Hristo Pavlov

Abstract: While OccultWatcher (OW) has been designed to be easy to use, throughout the yearsI have received questions from various users asking how to accomplish something specific as wellas questions about OW's internal workings and why it does or does not work in a particular way. This paper covers some of those topics and also discusses in more detail the rarely used but useful functions of the program, with the intention to help the reader to use OW more effectively. Each topic or function is discussed in its own section. In the second part of this paper we will review the following topics: Warning Thresholds, Instrumental Magnitudes, Fixed Observatory Local Horizon, Tangra-AOTA-Occult Watcher Integration, Near Earth Asteroids and Lunar Occultations.