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Occultations and Eclipses in Asteroid Systems

JOA 2019, Vol. 9, No. 2, Page 3

Author(s): Henk de Groot

Abstract: Observing occultations is something that especially amateur astronomers have been working on for many decades.In the past most observations were of occultations of stars by the Moon. But not so long ago the emphasis has changed to observing occultations by asteroids.Occultations by TNOs and Centaurs have very recently attracted increasing attention. A special type of occultation is the mutual phenomena in asteroid systems,where the components of asteroid systems occult or eclipse each other. These can be binary or triple systems, where the components have more or less the same size,or asteroids with moons, where the components differ greatly in size. The realisation that many more asteroids are multiple or have moons than we ever previously thought also contributes to the increasing interest in observing these phenomena. This article describes how the author gets involved in observing these phenomena, and how this has progressed. In addition, observations of Kalliope and Linus, Doppler and Zichichi are discussed.