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Phemu 2021: Catching an Eclipse of Io by Europa Near the Horizon in Very Bright Twilight

JOA 2021, Vol. 11, No. 3, Page 11

Author(s): Jean-François Coliac, Franck Gourdon, Arnaud Leroy, Tony George

Abstract: You should never forget that when you try to observe something, you are not sure to succeed, but if you do not try, you are sure not to succeed! This is the story of the observation of a mutual phenomenon of Jupiter’s satellites, an eclipse of Io by Europa on March 16t h at 4h58 UT. Nothing very original, except that this Phemu observed from the south of France took place at twilight with a very bright sky and at 4° above the horizon. Of course, we will discuss the technical aspects of this observation, such as the choice of the telescope and observation site, data reduction and analysis of timings, but not only. Indeed, we will see that the observation of this Phemu is also and above all a human story. The story of a cooperation between all the authors of this article to succeed in producing scientifically usable and useful data from this observation, showing us that it is possible to collaborate in amateur science astronomy, whatever distance is between us. So let’s not forget either that if alone we go faster, together we go further!