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A Unique Triple Occultation Opportunity Succeeds

JOA 2021, Vol. 11, No. 4, Page 10

Author(s): Paul D. Maley

Abstract: Of the hundreds of occultations that present themselves to individual observers each year, it has been rare to get an opportunity to observe three from the same geographical location within the space of a few hours’ time. Three have been observed in one night by other observers in the past. It has also been even rarer for a combination of the following characteristics to lend themselves to success where I live: local weather during the observing window, length of observing window, ability to travel to the converging location, acceptable wind conditions, large enough brightness change to be detectable, equipment performance, seeing conditions, ability to go from one star field to the next manually within the required time frames, site obstructions, safety of the site, and other elements, any one of which could cause a specific failure. On 2021 May 13 I had the opportunity to record stellar occultations by asteroids (245) Vera, (1269) Rollandia and (3803) Tuchkova from the same remote location. This report presents the preparations for these events and the results of the measurements.