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Solar Eclipse Mystery Solved after 45 Years

JOA 2021, Vol. 11, No. 4, Page 14

Author(s): Henk J. J. Bulder

Abstract: A group of young amateur astronomers observed the partial solar eclipse on 1976_April_29 at the Volkssterrenwacht Rijswijk (Rijswijk Observatory) in the Netherlands. The photographs of the eclipse were used to measure the percentage of diameter eclipsed. A simple light sensor was used to measure the light of the Sun including a large region around it and compared it with the theoretical values. The measured values were 10% higher than expected. After 46 years, Henk Bulder has solved this mystery during the partial solar eclipse of 2021_June_10 with the readout of the power production of PV solar panels on the roof of his home. The cloud cover during such a measurement is an important factor.