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Create an occultation observation report

Note: this submission system is intended mainly for our internal work and for collaborating projects and systems and it is not intended for submitting 'ordinary' asteroidal occultation observations which should be reported to the Stellar Occultation Data Input System (SODIS).

The preview button will provide you a text report which can be saved (copy and paste) and mailed by you to mailing list etc. You might first query a table of your observations to maintain similar notation of your name, lon / lat. of your site etc. For submission you need an account.

Form 1: Classical input form with individual fields.

Form 2: Config file style (KEY = VALUE) formatted textfield (correct formatting and usage of codes is important). Everything inside {} are just for helping you to fill the form and will be removed while parsing the report form. You can also keep your own text template on your computer, edit it there and just copy and paste it into this window.

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