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Beyond Jupiter, The World of Distant Minor Planets: (15760) Albion

JOA 2019, Vol. 9, No. 4, Page 14

Author(s): Nikolai Wünsche

Abstract: The discovery of (15760) Albion is a story of a vision and great perseverance. David C. Jewitt and Jane X. Luu believed that there couldbe numerous small planets in the outer solar system and started a systematic search in 1986. Their search was only successful after new and better CCD cameras became available. The celestial body discovered in 1992 turned out to be the first trans-Neptunian object next to Pluto and Chiron and became the prototype of a whole class, the Kuiper Belt Objects. So far no stellar occultation by Albion has been observed. Since the last astrometric observation dates back to 2013, Albion's orbit is not sufficiently well known for accurate occultation predictions. So we still have to wait for a chance for a successfully observed stellar occultation by Albion.